British Body Language Expert Reads Adele's Gestures: She Thought She'd Win Some Grammy Awards

British Body Language Expert Reads Adele's Gestures: She Thought She'd

It's hardly surprising that the pop icon was momentarily left the Crypto Arena in LA after losing to Harry Styles given her gestures and choice of outfit. It was the biggest night of the year in the music industry, and after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the much-anticipated 65th Grammy Awards ceremony looked set to be glittering.

For pop star Adele, it was no exception, as along with fellow diva Beyoncé, who had the most nominations of the night, she was poised for victory. This was also a key moment for Adela, as she had released her first album in six years. The album entitled "30", was released in 2019 and after she had announced the end of her marriage with Simon Konecki.

But as the evening progressed and despite winning an award for Best Pop Solo Performance for her song 'Easy on Me', things took a turn for the worse for Adele. During Harry Styles' acceptance speech for album of the year for Harry's House, Adele was caught on camera temporarily walking away. As the mother-of-one walked during his speech, singer Lizzo was seen laughing with her. In an exclusive interview, body language expert Patti Wood told The US Sun:

"Adele thought she was going to have a big night and win some awards. That hope showed in her choice of outfit and the way she gave her acceptance speech. She was aiming for a big win at the Grammys with more more than a price."

Patti said Adele's acceptance speech after her win for Best Pop Solo Performance was "incomplete".

"Ironic how Beyonce's acceptance speech was complete and she said everything she wanted to say."

Patti also noted the story Adele told with her outfit, which she called "very over the top." She adds:

“It was a deep red Disney-type dress. The dress was a power dress that was chosen because she thought she would earn a lot.

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