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Four Cursed Days of July for Horoscope Signs

Four Cursed Days of July for Horoscope Signs

Astrologers say that 4 very challenging days await us during July. Get ready for a very turbulent period in which there will be many changes. Our mood will change, we will wonder if we are on the right path, and we will doubt everything.

July 5/Negative transits of Mars and Mercury

This is the most dangerous day of the month. At the same time, two important astrological events will occur, Mars will move into the sign of Taurus and Mercury into the sign of Cancer. Both of these events will turn the planets against us. Mars will remain in Taurus until August 19, during which time many will become suspicious, distrustful and a little fearful. Mercury in Cancer is dangerous because we will become lethargic, somewhat disinterested, insatiable. Because of all this, July 5th will be the worst day for business, for any startup. Look for your safe haven, where you feel relaxed and where you can overcome this period.

July 13/Supermoon

The Supermoon will have a stronger impact on our lives, happiness and mood. The Moon will be in Capricorn on July 13, as a result we will be a little more withdrawn, turned away from ourselves. We will feel better spending time alone than in company.

July 16/Sun and Mercury conjunction

Conjunction is a negative aspect that occurs most often between the Sun and Mercury, since they are always on the same side of the Earth. Astrologers advise you not to leave your comfort zone, not to go far and not to spend a lot of money on this day. Some people may lose everything they have gained recently.

July 28/Jupiter begins retrograde

The last dangerous day of July is the day when Jupiter's retrophase begins. The planet will remain in this position until November 24. A lot of bad things can happen during these months. We can lose the power of intuition, become greedy. Most likely, we will feel the first wave of negativity on July 28, expressed in the form of feelings of anxiety and lack of motivation.

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