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War and natural disasters! Some ways to protect mental health

War and natural disasters! Some ways to protect mental health

The internet is not the nicest place lately. Not good things are happening around us. From the moment you open your cell phone and access social media, you will be bombarded with news that will make you feel powerless to help others.

Stopping information is not a solution. You will gain nothing by living in your bubble where everything is rosy. So what can be done to avoid sinking into a digital black hole?

You can protect yourself without ignoring what is happening in the world. Below are some tips to help you distance yourself from the events while remaining an informed citizen of the world.

Take time and know exactly what you feel

No matter how far away it happens, tragedy is tragedy. "Allow yourself to experience the feelings. It's normal," psychologist Ashley Olivine told Popsugar. "It is to be expected that we feel sadness when we learn of such events. Take time to process each emotion.” Don't keep it all inside because all you'll do is stress yourself out more.

Be careful where you get your information

Your social networks are probably full of news sites covering the same events. Choose the ones that take the most neutral stance and are certified – even prefer international media if that makes you feel better. And be extremely wary of social media misinformation – it's everywhere.

Give yourself a certain time limit when reading the news

Since you find it destructive for you, try not to spend all your time updating with information. Set a time limit early on, and before you go to a page or turn on the TV, make sure you're in a good frame of mind. If you're already feeling angry or sad, save the update for later. There will surely be a better moment during the day.

Talking is very important. Whether it's friends or a mental health professional, having someone to share the burden with is enough. Maybe all you need is someone to listen. You don't have to face difficulties alone. A psychologist will advise you on how to manage your emotions, while your people will give you the understanding you need.

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