The Nokia 3310 is back in fashion again this year

The Nokia 3310 is back in fashion again this year

These 'dumb' phones are actually becoming a trend. The Nokia phone that we all once had in our homes is back in fashion. Nokia announced earlier this week that it had started to regain share of the mobile phone market last year. The former fan-favorite phone brand has bowed to the popularity of Apple's iPhones and Android devices in recent years. But a trend is gaining momentum among the smartphone generation.

People who mostly only own touchscreen devices with access to a whole library of apps. Now, a growing community of people are exchanging their devices for simpler push-button phones. The popularity of '90s fashion has made teenagers and young adults across the globe vivid about how people's relationship with technology has changed since the 'good old days' before the smartphone hit the market.

The effects that smartphones and social media have had on mental health have helped set companies on the move. Some are calling it a "dopamine diet". Here they try to limit their smartphone consumption as they become addicted to features that give users quick bursts of dopamine, the brain's happiness hormone, such as social media or games. And others are incorporating 'dumb' phones into their lives to be more present in the 'real world'.

A TikTok user, @skzzolno said she and her friends have all adopted push-button phones to use when going to bars and nightclubs. They only have each other's numbers and emergency contacts registered on their phones, without social media and high-tech cameras. This helps to avoid video calls, social media posts, photos and videos while they are spending time with each other.

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