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"Their passion is fading", Kristi raises doubts about the Kiara-Luiz couple

"Their passion is fading", Kristi raises doubts about the Kiara-Luiz

This edition of "BBV2" will be remembered by all Albanians. Indeed, it was the second edition, but this year's protagonists have kept all Albanians glued to the screen every Tuesday and Friday. This year's residents will remain long in anyone's memory with their arguments, conflicts, games and happy moments.

Kristi was invited to one of the columns of the "E Diell" show, where, in addition to his relations with other former residents of "BBV2", the project also talked about Luiz's relationship with Kiara. For Kristi, their relationship is no longer what it used to be and that their passion has faded.

"Luiz is unclear, disoriented. After 5 months the initial passion is now ending and now it seems, it is fading. They have to find other ways to keep the passion up. It is clear from the behavior of Luiz."

Jori Delli and Krist Aliaj have been invited to one of the sections of the show "E Diell" and there have been many debates between them. For several days it has been hinted that there was something more than friendship between Kristi and Dea Michel, but it seems that Kristi had a liking for Jori. Not only that, but in a confrontation between them, Jori has expressed that Kristi has sexual attraction for him.

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