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Kandinsky painting found by heirs of Holocaust victims sets auction record

Kandinsky painting found by heirs of Holocaust victims sets auction record

Russian modernist Wassily Kandinsky's painting that once belonged to victims of the Nazi Holocaust has sold for 37.2 million pounds ($44.55 million) at Sotheby's in London. Part of the auction house's modern and contemporary evening auction on Wednesday, "Murnau mit Kirche II" ("Murnau with the Church II"; 1910), was the most expensive sale of the night, as well as a new auction record for the artist.
A previous world record for a Kandinsky work was set in 2017 with the sale of "Bild mit weissen Linien" for 33 million pounds ($39.7 million), the auction house told CNN.

"Kandinsky's Murnau period came to define abstract art for generations to come. The exhibition of such an important painting, one of the last of this period and the scale remaining in private hands, is a huge moment for the market and for collectors. "

Kandinsky painting found by heirs of Holocaust victims sets auction record

Kandinsky was living with his lover Gabriele Münter and other artist friends in Murnau, Bavaria, when he painted Murnau mit Kirche II,
inspired by the local landscape during a cycling trip. Münter himself wrote an inscription on the painting's stretcher. Painting has a long history. It was auctioned off as property from the collection of prominent Berlin collectors wife Johanna Margarete and Siegbert Stern, after it was finally returned to surviving family heirs last year by the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Fotografitë e familjes Stern përshkruajnë Kandinsky të varur në dhomën e ngrënies së shtëpisë së tyre familjare, Villa Stern në Potsdam. Por pas ngritjes së nazistëve në vitin 1933 dhe vdekjes së burrit të saj dy vjet më vonë, Johanna Margarete iku në Holandë dhe u shpall pa shtetësi. Sipas dokumenteve familjare, Kandinsky, mes veprave të tjera, u dërgua në Holandë dhe supozohej se i kishte kaluar një tregtari që plaçkiste pasuritë hebraike në vendin e pushtuar, përpara dëbimit dhe vdekjes së Johanna Margarete në Aushvic në 1944, tha katalogu i Sotheby’s. . Më vonë u shit në Van Abbemuseum nga një tregtar tjetër në 1951.

"The return of the painting has finally allowed people to rediscover the place of the Sterns and their collection in the glittering cultural milieu of 1920s Berlin. The proceeds of the sale will be shared among Stern's 13 surviving descendants and will also fund research further to trace their family's extensive art collection."

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