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Why not compare your children with other children

Why not compare your children with other children

Lira Gjika addressed again to the parents, grandparents and everyone who needs to hear it with a clear explanation and call for comparison between children. According to the well-known psychologist, this promotes a feeling of envy among children.

"Comparison dries the soul. I continue to hear parents and grandparents compare children or grandchildren to each other, as well as to the children and grandchildren of others: as if they are not brothers or sisters and brothers ”. Also, comparisons: "my friend's son does a lot of things, while my child does nothing." Parents, grandparents, do not even compare children to their siblings. First, they are different people and second, the comparison cultivates in the child envy and resentment for the other and what is worse, disrespect for oneself. But the evil does not remain with that, unfortunately, this behavior was also encountered by teacher educators. They too cannot escape this degrading treatment of the child. Adults, be aware that the child still does not have many mechanisms to cope with such comparisons. The child thinks that the other is better and that is why they love him more. Even you adults, when compared to another, do not feel good, even get angry and hold grudges. This form of behavior, which you do not accept for yourself, and use with the child should be changed, should not be used. Strive parents, grandparents, educators and teachers, try ”, wrote Lira Gjika.

And once again we are realizing how much a wrong behavior, or just a word said by the parent, affects the child.

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