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The cause of death of Queen Elizabeth II is published

The cause of death of Queen Elizabeth II is published

Recently, according to the document published by the BBC, the cause of Queen Elizabeth's death was precisely her old age. Elizabeth II passed away at 15:10 local time at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The published document was also signed by her daughter, Princess Anne. The death was registered on 16 September by the Chief Secretary for Scotland. Elizabeth was the longest reigning queen in British history.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, according to preliminary statistics, more than 26 million people attended the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey. This makes it one of the biggest TV audiences in UK history.

According to figures released by the research organization Barb, the service was broadcast on a variety of channels, with an average of 26.2 million viewers. However, Princess Diana's funeral received higher television ratings in the US and UK than Queen Elizabeth's, although it is difficult to compare the two events.

Please note that conspiracy theorists claim that Queen Elizabeth died months ago and was replaced by a hologram in public appearances. These claims have come from so-called QAnon believers, including the suggestion that the late monarch was killed as part of a wider plan. The online community that attracts right-wing fanatics based mainly in the US has exploded with ideas since the death of Elizabeth II. 

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