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Horoscope signs that will be luckiest in December

Horoscope signs that will be luckiest in December

Each month hides pleasant and unpleasant surprises and events for some signs and the same applies to December, which will strain some but leave others, in many ways, quite happy. If you belong to one of them, you will spend a wonderful month, with luck accompanying you!

The horoscope signs that will be favored in December are not just two (this time)!

With Venus in your sign almost all month, after it passes on 12/4, you will spend a wonderful December, full of beautiful moments, but also important opportunities to create a relationship, a collaboration with extraordinary prospects, for improve your personal life. or your looks and charm the crowds. Especially you who belong to the first ten days, in some cases your fate will be scandalous, since Jupiter will be in front of you, as retrograde, paying the debts that you may have had in the previous months. If you take advantage of his favor and the opportunities it offers you, you are one step ahead of success, especially around 12/10, which will oppose your Venus. On the other hand, Mercury's trine to your Venus in Capricorn on 12/11 will get you out there, make you known and loved, and bring you lots of recognition, so move fast because it's coming back in retrograde later. You of the second decade will only have her favor, but it is not little, as no other planet will spoil it. You of the third decade, around 12/21, will clash, you will be upset, because of his Uranus opposition to you, but you have the advantage of surprise, so it can end well for you.

You will be one of the lucky ones in December who will enjoy the gifts generously bestowed by the universe, see Jupiter will be above you in the first decade and will make favorable aspects with Venus and Mercury (twice will make a trine with Jupiter). In addition, a new era also begins in terms of studies, seminars, travel or legal matters, but here you have to hurry if you want to start something new, because it turns retrograde on the 12th. However, opportunities, comforts and solutions are not you will miss them. Venus in front of you in the second decade, from the 13th to the 21st, will highlight the desire of some people to take an important role in your life, whether romantically, socially or professionally. In fact, there is the possibility of making mutual promises, agreements and "oaths" for long-term commitment.

And you, Capricorn of the first decade, return to the list of those who will enjoy a pleasant December, as it will offer you good times, luck, optimism and perhaps a new love, as Jupiter from your house of 5th will do well. work. It is also possible to become more extroverted, sociable. Mercury in your sign will also play its games with Jupiter in Taurus, and although it will go retrograde on the 12th, it will make sure to bring back lost opportunities on the 18th. Your Sun will also form a trine with Jupiter on the 27th, so whichever way you take it, this month will be one of the most beautiful for you.

And you in the first ten days will have favors in December, not only from Jupiter in Taurus and your 8th house, but also Venus raining in your 2nd house, which will give you the opportunity to win more money, close a good deal, to buy personal items, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything you like and not only won't break the bank, but you will have more income. In the romantic aspect, you will be torn and your attraction to the opposite sex will be so great that you will not know who to choose. A connection is being made, you know, so don't rule out the possibility of having the hottest vacation in years. All of the above also applies to you in the second decade.

The same goes for you first decade Aries, as both Jupiter in your 2nd house and Venus in your 8th house until 12/13 will make sure you don't miss a thing. You want money, lust, love, your desires will be their command. Get one and it's up to you to properly manage the opportunities that come your way to book, as they will be your last and then… you'll be waiting a long time for them to come your way again. So now that it's rolling, you need to be as smart and safe as you can. You of the second decade, from the 13th onwards you will have Venus in your 8th house, unchanged and clear, which can bring you a hot romance that will fascinate you, in addition to money extra.

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