A rare species of cat is discovered on Mount Everest

A rare species of cat is discovered on Mount Everest

An elusive wild cat has recently been discovered by scientists on Mount Everest. Pallas' cats, as they are called, have made their home on one of the highest peaks in the world. This rare species, adapted to the cold conditions of Asia, may not be as famous as the lion or the tiger. It is the size of a small domesticated cat, with rounded ears, a strong body and a perpetually bored expression.

An Everest expedition for National Geographic resulted in the discovery of Pallas's cat specimens at two different locations in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park. These mountain cats are an endangered, wild species originally found in the mountain steppes of Central Asia. In terms of size, they are like normal domestic cats, about 4.5 kg, and they stand out because they have thick fur for the cold, short legs and strange ears.

These cats prefer to stay on rocks or in trees to avoid being noticed while they feed on small rodents, rabbits and birds. The research team published their findings in the journal Cat News.

A rare species of cat is discovered on Mount Everest

Biologist Tracy Simon, one of the expedition leaders at the Wildlife Conservation Society said:

It is amazing to discover evidence of this rare and extraordinary species at the top of the world. The discovery of the Pallas cat on Everest illuminates the rich biodiversity of this remote high alpine ecosystem and extends the known range of this species to eastern Nepal. We hope that the confirmation of this charismatic new species will increase awareness and education about the diversity of species at this iconic World Heritage site.

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