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"Informed Tirana and Pristina", Belgrade arrests a Serb

"Informed Tirana and Pristina", Belgrade arrests a Serb

The Security and Information Agency and the High Public Prosecutor of Jagodina in Serbia have arrested another member of the so-called "espionage group" in a joint operation.

The Serbian authorities claim that he is part of a group that spied on behalf of the Albanian and Kosovo secret services at the same time. It is worth noting that all those arrested in this group are Serbian citizens.

Serbian newspaper B92 article:

The arrest was made in the framework of investigations and further follow-up of a group of persons who made up the intelligence network created in the territory of Serbia by DR, by order of the State Intelligence Agency of Albania (SHISH) and the intelligence agencies of Kosovo.

As Novosti reports, it is the PM from Jagodina, a citizen of Serbia, who was arrested while returning from abroad. He is suspected of the criminal offense of espionage and has been ordered to be detained for up to 30 days.

It is suspected that the PM, by order of the DR, is engaged in the collection and distribution of data on the movements of representatives of the state authorities and the Serbian army in the area of ​​central Serbia. The collected data was handed over to the leader of this spy group by DR, who forwarded it to the members of the intelligence service of Albania and the Intelligence Agency of Kosovo, for which they received monetary compensation. In addition to intelligence needs, B92 writes that the group also used the data to try to discredit the Republic of Serbia in the international framework.

The members of the BIA discovered at the beginning of the year and exploded a spy network in the Serbian territory and in that case DR, a citizen of Serbia, who was the leader of that group was arrested on the suspicion of having been a collaborator of the State Intelligence Service of Albania - SHISH in 2022, according to whose orders and duties he acted until his arrest.

It is suspected that, through the intelligence service of Albania, the DR established contacts with the security structure operating under the authority of the temporary institutions of Pristina, the so-called Intelligence Agency of Kosovo. In addition to DR, a few days later AD from Novi Pazari, who was also part of this spy group, was arrested.

With his network of collaborators, DR collecting data on individual members of the security services of Serbia and Serbs from Kosovo for the State Intelligence Agency of Albania and on their orders, was engaged during crisis situations in northern Kosovo, especially during protests and barricades.

On several occasions, he secretly filmed the movements of the Serbian security forces in the area of ​​the municipality of Rashka, mainly units of the Serbian Army. DR's intention was to collect as much video material as possible about the "targets" and hand it over to the intelligence service of Albania.

As part of the investigations, BIA members, near the village of Karadak, near Rashka, among other things, found a camera and a solar panel that supplied the camera with electricity, as well as an SD card.

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