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Former Serbian president: Vucic lost Kosovo

Former Serbian president: Vucic lost Kosovo

The former president of Serbia and the chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, has said that he will not sign the Franco-German proposal for Kosovo and that the current government has a historical responsibility when it comes to solving this issue.

He pointed out that the biggest absurdity is that Vucic's government lost Kosovo in peace.

"The responsibility of this government for the position of Serbia today in the context of the solution of the Kosovo issue is great and if we take into account that the same options were in power in the nineties, of course we can also talk about historical responsibility.

Of course, I bear in mind that the greatest historical responsibility lies with those who were able to decide on this issue before the 1990s, and especially before the Constitution of 1974. During the 1990s, Serbia lost Kosovo in the war, and it is absurd that it lost in the last decade and in peace" , he told "Nova" .


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