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The Assembly of Montenegro holds a vote of confidence today, will Abazovic's government be overthrown or will it survive?

The Assembly of Montenegro holds a vote of confidence today, will

The Assembly of Montenegro will today hold a vote of confidence in the government of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic. The session starts at 11:00 and Abazovic himself will participate in it together with his government cabinet.

To topple Abazovic's government, the votes of 41 deputies out of 81 in the Assembly are needed.

The initiative to topple the Government, presented by the Democratic Socialist Party of Montenegrin president Milo Djukanovic and some other parties, came after the government signed the Basic Agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The opposition parties evaluated the decision of Abazovic's government as harmful to the country's national interests.

"Due to Abazovic's irresponsible behavior, resulting in increased tensions in society, and potentially irreparable loss of time to fulfill obligations from our European agenda, the Government has lost its legitimacy," the initiative said.

Abazovic himself has stated that his government will survive the vote and that he is ready to rebuild the government in agreement with the Democratic Front, which is currently in opposition.

The initiators of the overthrow of the government have 36 deputies of the parliamentary majority led by Djukanovic's Party. Also, the initiative has been supported by the Social Democratic Party, which has two ministerial positions, the Social Democrats, who are in the opposition, the Liberal Party and the Democratic Union of Albanians .

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