Albin Kurti: I Don’t Want to Negotiate with Vucic

Albin Kurti. Foto: Arkiv

A candidate of Self-Determination Movement for Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti set his own three principles for continuation of the dialogue at the summit in Berlin called “Balkan Dialogues”, and one of these was that he did not want Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic as a representative of the other side at the negotiations, Belgrade-based electronic media reported on Saturday.

At the summit in Berlin, where European perspectives of Western Balkans were discussed and the possibility to reach positive steps in relations between Belgrade and Pristina, Kurti said that the first principle was that there should be no talks between Kosovo and Serbian President and he would not want Vucic at the table.

The second principle, as he stated, would be that there should be no discussion about Kosovo territory, and the third was that there should be no discussion about the maps.

The summit included many political leaders from the region, but also influential diplomats from the USA, EU, Germany, and representatives of academic society.

Kurti cannot decide about Serbian personnel issues, Vucic says

Serbian President said that he was complimented by Kurti’s wish not to negotiate with him.

He emphasized that it was also good that the international community could also see that Kurti would like to decide about who should negotiate from the Serbian side.

“The campaign is the same against me in Pristina like here. There is only one target and that is accidentally me”, Vucic concluded pathetically.

He also said that Kurti previously insulted his under-aged daughter and now he was afraid to meet him in person, “because he does not know how will I react”, Vucic said without specifying when Kurti mentioned his daughter.