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Çuçi and Manja justify themselves: We withdrew the Criminal Amnesty in respect of tradition

Çuçi and Manja justify themselves: We withdrew the Criminal

The Socialists withdrew the Criminal Amnesty law from the agenda in the Assembly. After the approval of two draft laws opposed by the opposition, such as the Italy-Albania agreement on refugees and on protected areas, socialist deputies have justified the withdrawal of the amnesty.

In a statement to the media, the head of the parliamentary group of socialists, Bledi Çuçi, said that the reason for withdrawing from the law was not the lack of votes, but the consensus between SP and DP.

"We heard Basha's position yesterday. We have solid votes. There are others within the parliament who vote for amnesty. We will see what happens in the coming days. Today we withdrew it in respect of tradition to vote with full consensus. In respect of this cooperation to vote with full consensus, we withdrew today. 94 votes are always in parliament. The public has understood who is serious, it is a law where they benefit, when there is a large group of DP representatives who benefit" , Çuçi declared.

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja stated that the proposed draft cannot be returned to the Law Commission as he said that the draft law in question does not aim at the amnesty of the three convicted for corruption or organized crime.

"Referring to the regulation of the Assembly, the draft is not returned to the Laws Committee. The fact that we withdrew it from the agenda means that consensus will traditionally be found in this room. During these two days, I have heard a lot of charlatan lawyers and lawyers, who stay with their draft in their pocket, each to deceive citizens and family members who are waiting for their relatives. We have made it clear that there is no amnesty for corruption and organized crime and we have made the draft clear in the sunlight. We do not ask for the votes of one or the other, neither of Basha nor of others, but we ask for the votes of the left and right deputies, as tradition requires, it is in the honor of every deputy after reading the law and voting. We don't want amnesty with conditioned votes", said Manja.

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