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Tomorrow the SP Congress, Çuçi gives details

Tomorrow the SP Congress, Çuçi gives details

The head of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, Bledi Çuçi, declared that a number of topics will be discussed at the SP Congress tomorrow.

In a statement to journalists, Çuçi said that he will reflect on the things that should be done better, as well as on the Albania 2030 project.

" The chairman is changed even in ordinary congresses. The extraordinary thing is that it is neither elective nor routine. It is a congress that takes place to make an overview, to reflect on the things we need to do better and to define our vision for Albania in 2030.

The things we say, hear them as they are. I believe that it will be a congress that will have a much greater interest beyond the SP ," said Çuçi.

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