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Rama continues to insist: KFOR take control in the north of Kosovo

Rama continues to insist: KFOR take control in the north of Kosovo

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has repeated his call for KFOR to take over the north of Kosovo. In a post on his "X" account, he wrote about the criticisms and reactions received regarding his proposal for increasing KFOR forces in the north.

"In the framework of Albania's support for guaranteeing security in the north of Kosovo and taking control from KFOR, at this stage when the risk of escalation of the conflict is alarming, we have communicated at the highest levels of the Euro-Atlantic alliance and have found a maximum readiness.

On the other hand, we have conveyed to the allies the reasons for our non-alignment with the latest EU statement, continuing to request their public position, regarding the armed criminal group that killed the Kosovo police officer and regarding the national mourning in Belgrade for the annihilated members of that group," writes Rama.

He also listed some reasons regarding his proposal and that in such a serious situation they are trying to distort his positions.

"KFOR is NATO and not an occupying force on account of Serbia, nor a dividing force of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, on the contrary, a very big guarantee in any case of threat!

I clearly said yesterday that this request was also made by President Osmani and I further explained that what I am asking for today has nothing to do with what I expressed a few months ago, as a fear that it could happen if the situation degrades, in the absence of the results of the dialogue. Because, as I explained yesterday, "we are not there yet" and in order not to go there tomorrow, KFOR must take control of the north an hour earlier," writes the Prime Minister.

Rama has the same attitude as Serbian President Vučić, who has asked the ambassadors of the QUINT countries and the head of the European Union delegation that KFOR take care of all security issues in the north of Kosovo, which is mostly inhabited Serbian.

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