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Balliu for Tahir: He came out of prison as a billionaire, his assets should have been confiscated

Balliu for Tahir: He came out of prison as a billionaire, his assets should have

Head of Organization in the group of chief democrat Sali Berisha, Klevis Balliu, says that the release of former minister Saimir Tahir from prison has a political background.

 Invited to "Panorama TV", Balliu said that the former Minister of the Interior came out of prison as a billionaire.

For Balliu, Tahir's assets should have been confiscated and they should have been used for infrastructure and economic aid, since as he said, he earned hundreds of millions of euros with the cannabis he did to the country.

Balliu stated that the cannabisization of the country was done with the permission of Rama and Tahiri, he said, compared to the prime minister, it is a hashish cigarette.

" Getting out of prison he won, now he only has to enjoy the money. How did he cannibalize the country? Cannabized him with Rama's help. Tahiri compared to Rama was a hashish cigarette. Does justice today have a logic that changed the accusation from accusations of cannabinization of the country to abuse of office?!

Today this situation, the freedom that was given to Saimir Tahir proves the lack of justice. During the time when he was a deputy and minister, Tahiri issued an order that if you are caught with x grams of hashish, you will be imprisoned for two or three years. There are children who have been arrested for this and are serving more prison time than Tahiri.

I asked for the confiscation of Tahir's property, and the money to go for economic aid, for infrastructure. They have made hundreds of millions of euros with cannabis, they did not plant a plot, but a country.

We must be realistic with the analysis. Tahir's release also has a political background. Who is it? What I said, that Tahiri knows a lot about Edi Rama. Facts and evidence of Rama's criminal connections are endless.

They arrested Tahiri, but Tahiri cannot be arrested without Rama. The man who planted an entire country got out of prison and became a billionaire because there is no confiscation of assets" , said Balliu, among other things.

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