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"Together We Win" complains to KAS about the result of Rrogozhina: The votes should be recounted

"Together We Win" complains to KAS about the result of Rrogozhina: The

The opposition coalition "Bashke Fitomje" has asked the Complaints and Sanctions Commission to recount the votes in the municipality of Rrogozhina, as well as to remove the result of the prison's voting center from the final table of votes.

Their representative, Ivi Kaso, said that in this area it is necessary to count and re-evaluate the vote, as only in this way can the true result of the electoral process be revealed.

"We have turned to the CEC to make available to us the footage, where we have also brought out the irregularities. In VC 2228/1, the minutes show that Memolla has 150 votes, Hoxha 92, while the count we made in Memolla has 148 votes, so 2 votes have been added. In this constituency, a recount and reevaluation of all votes is necessary. This is the only way we can guarantee that the result that will come out of this process will reflect the truth of this election process", said Kaso.

This request of the 'BF' coalition to re-evaluate the result was opposed by the representative of the SP, Eridian Salianji, who requested the dismissal of the appeal.

"In the Electoral Code, we have the way the voting center is set up and the list of voters is prepared. This polling center has not been a problem in 10 pairs of elections, today we are discussing it only because it influenced the result. She could have been counted first and we wouldn't be here today. The Constitution itself defines the cases when convicts cannot vote. I request the rejection of the request to remove the polling station from the result."

"The applicant knows what happens if this polling station is removed from the result. Regarding the recount and re-evaluation, the applicant should be more clear about the ballots he is looking for, he should illustrate to us in which polling stations these ballots are As above, we request the rejection of the appeal", he said.


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