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Berisha: 50 tenders have been won only by stepchildren, Rama's garden has won over 100 tenders

Berisha: 50 tenders have been won only by stepchildren, Rama's garden has

"We come after this situation, at a time when, although he has stolen the votes of the Albanians by all means, now in the parliament he wants to finally annihilate them.
Those rights, my friends, which are in the constitution, he is your power, it is the power of those who voted against the government. They are not personal rights of 2-3 MPs. They are not given to MPs as your power.
What is happening?
As never before in 32 years, he wants to appoint us in the chairman of the parliamentary group, just like in the dictatorship.
He does not allow the establishment of Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry.
Dear friends!
When it is said that sovereignty belongs to the people, this is a great truth that at the end of the protection of sovereignty are the citizens. who have historically paid the greatest price.
But when it is said that sovereignty belongs to the people, it means that you control the government. Domestic sovereignty is your power to control the government. Of course, an ordinary citizen, a group of citizens cannot control.
But the Constitution has set out clear mechanisms for how you control the government. You control the government through your deputies to whom the Constitution recognizes the inalienable right to set up Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry and to bring to light all the activities of the government.
8 commissions have been requested. Edi Rama denied all 8 in the most unconstitutional way, did not allow it.
But why? Because all 8 of them in the epicenter of the control had Edi Rama directly. I am not just saying that every parliamentary investigative committee has the authority to investigate whomever it wants and cannot be limited by who.
Edi Rama is afraid, he is terrified of the parliamentary investigation. Edi Rama cannot accept because he has stolen hundreds of millions and billions with the firms "fap, fap, fap, fap".
And he spends everything lying to you that it is not true that anyone from my family has won tenders.
Very soon I will tell you that 50 tenders are only step-daughters, step-daughter companies, which is prohibited by the constitution.
I'm not talking about the 100-something gardener, but the one who is part of the immediate family"

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