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Berisha: Rama chose the drug trafficker Balla to organize the coup against the Parliament!

Berisha: Rama chose the drug trafficker Balla to organize the coup against the

" For a Taulant Bego Yaris, taxpayers today pay a battalion for its protection.

A person who has friends, except for serial killers, is friends with all the other murderers and traffickers in Albania's prisons.

A person who carried three encrypted phones to communicate with the gang and now lie to the police officers that you had encrypted phones and take what you want and keep what you want.

There is a drug trafficker, an incriminated person, who only has himself as a friend, whom Edi Rama chose for his sole merit. Edi Rama had the coup planned and believed that through him and his connections with the gangs, he could hold the coup and organized it against the parliament. Taking the power of the parliament, not allowing the deputies to create parliamentary investigative commissions, which will make Edi Rama the most thief prime minister in Europe.

Commissions are a form of control over government. Edi Rama cannot accept the commissions because they will highlight that his buildings in Surrel are all built on the basis of bribes and favors he gave to construction firms. Because the 5,000 square meter land was taken in flagrant violation of the country's laws. And there was a process against them.

That Mrs. Basha's palace has no invoice, but as if it grew from the ground, naturally built by a construction company, that benefited from Edi Rama's tenders and construction permits.

Edi Rama can never accept to be investigated because in 2 years with his 140 trips, he has robbed the treasury of 22 million euros of abuses. In his last trip, it is said that the main purpose was a meeting with the drug lords in Dubai and specifically with the partner of his brother Olsi, Amant Josifi, who has stolen over 2.4 billion euros with his call-centers.

These you see are the last scrambles of the kleptocrats, they believe that with a coup against the parliament, they can keep their power.

So this is the situation. Having placed the entire administration in full power, having created the most controlled justice system in the history of the country with former State Security employees, with judges and prosecutors acting as organized criminal groups within the judiciary, he was recently rushes against the parliament.

He took the constitutional powers, de facto he took Albania's internal sovereignty, sovereignty that is exercised by the citizens through their representatives.

We live today in an occupied parliament, where ministers have tenfold bodyguards, where judges and prosecutors have tenfold bodyguards. Where anything can be, this is not just parliament.

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