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Berisha: Rama speaks as a vassal of Vucic, nothing saves him from the McGonigal affair

Berisha: Rama speaks as a vassal of Vucic, nothing saves him from the McGonigal

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha addressed Prime Minister Rama with criticism regarding the position he has taken on the tensions in the north of Kosovo, where he appeared critical of Albin Kurti and not of Serbia.

Berisha condemned Rama's attitude which, according to him, is anti-Albanian. He said that with his attitude towards Kurt, he shows that he is a slave of his master in Belgrade, Aleksandër Vucic.

Berisha reminded Rama of the scandal with McGonigal, which he told him that he cannot escape.

"A dramatic situation was created in the north of Kosovo. The analysis has been done and while strongly supporting the right of the government of Kosovo to establish the law throughout its territory, I also call for it to take into account the spirit of the law and coordinate actions with the international factor.

But I am here to condemn the shameful daily anti-Albanian attacks of Edi Rama against the Prime Minister of Kosovo. Attacks in tune with only one man, and that is his boss, Vucic. Yesterday, Rama's television announced that Kosovo chose war over peace. Is there a greater incentive than this call by Edi Rama on behalf of Vucic in Tirana?

Edi Rama spared no attacks, even for the state disaster of the former chairman of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, the lawsuit in court against the former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj, just because they did not accept the dictates of his boss, Vucic.

These attacks by Edi Rama on Albin Kurti and the government of Kosovo show that this is an anti-Albanian prime minister, a slave to his master in Belgrade.

I remind the Albanians that the Croatian Prime Minister gave a proposal exactly in Bratislava where Edi Rama fired a bolt against Albin Kurti, where he asked Kosovo to apologize for Milosevic's crimes and then recognize each other. But the vassal of Belgrade does not consider these. This has transformed the official Tirana into a parliament of the official Belgrade.

He remembers that with these attitudes he will get rid of the McGonigal affair. But nothing can save you. The McGonigal affair will land you in the dungeon. Nothing saves you from punishment for these choices. Albanians will have their say", declared Berisha.

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