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Harxhi: Official Tirana did not celebrate it nationally, the ceremony was ridiculous

Harxhi: Official Tirana did not celebrate it nationally, the ceremony was

The member of the leadership of the DP, Edith Harxhi, commented on the ceremony prepared by the government on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the Independence of Albania.

On Syri Tv, Harxhi threw accusations at the ceremony organized by the government, calling it unworthy of a nation. She said that we were not dealing with a ceremony, but with something funny.

"This is a national holiday, it is not a holiday of Albania and as a national holiday it should be celebrated as a nation. I see very little commitment to celebrate it nationally as a holiday. Even in this case, official Tirana has a kind of paternalism regarding the national holiday, the holiday of of the flag which is a holiday of all Albanians. I do not see this in this national holiday and I am very sorry, I feel great regret. The joy of the citizens of Kosovo who try to celebrate it with the Albanians of Albania who are in Kosovo is I don't know and I would like to see the same here in Albania.

Today I didn't see a ceremony that was worthy of a nation, I saw a ceremony that was part of the whole overall scenario that has been going on for several years to highlight the 'achievements and successes' of the highly communistized government of all the events and with excessive folklore to the extent that it was even funny. Very little seriousness in what had to be done ," said Harxhi.

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