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"It was for a vote of confidence", Boçi explains why several MPs were absent from the DP National Assembly

"It was for a vote of confidence", Boçi explains why several

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, said that the National Assembly of the DP has achieved all the goals and expectations they had.

"From the political point of view of what we expected, this assembly fulfilled all my political expectations and that of a large part of the democrats, either from the messages it conveyed, or in the way of organization, or in the form of a live voting democracy with camera. There were strong messages and a goal achieved ," Boçi said.

In an interview, Euronews Albania commented on the lack of deputies supporting Gazment Bardhi. Boçi said that it was their request not to participate in the Assembly, as this assembly was held with the purpose of Sali Berisha's vote of confidence for the May 14 elections, in which Bardhi's group was not involved.

"The assembly was not typical, it was atypical, it was for a vote of confidence consistent with the political action of the democratic party. At the moment when an Assembly refers to an election situation, it takes into consideration all the factors that organized and were the cause of a result of the election situation.

The group in question was not part of the election situation of May 14, I say this based on the fact that I was a candidate and their involvement was in a part of another group. Therefore, they could not participate in a vote of confidence assembly for a process in which they did not participate, it was even their request that for this political, moral and ethical reason they were not part of the assembly" , said Boçi.

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