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" Not with the 'seal', "Kelliçi: Finding the unifying language to defeat Rama in 2025

" Not with the 'seal', "Kelliçi: Finding the unifying

Belind Kelliçi, the former candidate of the opposition for the municipality of Tirana, says that the DP needs a deep analysis regarding the May 14 elections, aiming to win the general elections in 2025.

" We must also look within ourselves, definitely, starting with me first ," said Kelliçi on Syri TV.

" What should I have done more, what could I have done better, what could I have fixed during this campaign, what message should I have given more?! Should I have spent even more time in the field?! Undoubtedly, there are a thousand things that I could have done better, but without a doubt even the team of the Democratic Party should see for themselves. We all need to sit down and do some real self-examination.

Ore, do we intend to become MPs in 2025 and stay in the opposition and maintain the monopoly of the opposition or do we intend to defeat Edi Rama and win?!

Within this second, we must do everything, everything, we must overcome every personal ambition and ego to make it possible for us, in 2025... Is there a possibility, early elections?! Language must be found, language must be found to unite. I'm not saying with the "stamp" - but I'm saying with every democrat who doesn't fully agree with our project at the moment" , said Këlliçi.


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