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Korreshi ironizes the government: Agriculture is not solved with a "selfie"

Korreshi ironizes the government: Agriculture is not solved with a

Democratic MP Saimir Korreshi spoke from the floor of the Assembly about agriculture and its problems in Lushnje.

Korreshi did not spare the ironies towards the government when he said that they helped a lot in advertising agriculture, but the problems of this fud are not solved with "selfies".

"It would be good if they (farmers) of the SP had not left, if they had left our side, because there are people living in this state who are not from the SP. It's been three days that farmers have been out in the field for selfies and the land has not been irrigated. They still can't sell wheat and corn. Oh, tell us how it happens that when you take a selfie, the situation goes well, or we have nothing at stake. We still have the wheat in the warehouse, it has not been sold because you have to ask how much the quintal is. The wheat is gone, the corn is here... They ask from Lushnja, who received these subsidies?

Why were the oil tolls divided just one day before the elections, is there a report from me about this? Verify it! Agriculture is on its darkest day. I invite you to come out with me one day to see the situation.

And these inputs from Tirana, how is it possible that how does a Lushnja earn?!… And a piece of advice for the minister of Lushnja, now that he has become a Minister (refers to Taulant Balla), that we are scared ourselves, we from Lushnja, there is no need to shout at us with the police in the streets" , he said.

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