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The presidency of the DP meets, Berisha: We invite the democrats to unite and not follow Rama's two hostages

The presidency of the DP meets, Berisha: We invite the democrats to unite and

Sali Berisha gathered the leadership of the Democratic Party in the blue headquarters within the deadline for submitting the lists of advisers. He said that he has great optimism and an excellent start that terrified the opponent.

"This meeting was called at this hour, because the deadline for submitting the lists of councilors is coming. Meanwhile, the campaign continues with intensity in all 4 parts of the country. There is great optimism, enthusiasm. We want to thank the citizens for their reaction to excellent to the 'Together We Win' coalition campaign."

"It has an excellent start, a start that has terrified our opponent, an opponent that acts as if it were illegal, clandestine, without any kind of transparency. It also uses arrests of its own mayors in order to discipline. So this ours contrasts like day and night, with transparency, responsibility."

"On the whole, an unprecedented spirit of unity and for this I want to thank all the democrats, who with a sense of great responsibility are joining together and are determined not to be deceived. They are determined to continue their contributions to the DP, in the 'Together We Win' coalition and to do everything in the restoration of pluralism in Albania and to do everything for the end of monism and for the victory of the primaries, the freedom candidates who are presented."

"I emphasize once again that we invite every democrat without exception to join this battle and not follow Edi Rama's two discredited hostages, Lulzim Brava and Alibasha, both held hostage by criminal ties, by Edi Rama, who both of them.  Of course, both of them are removed from PD because of their ties to crime."

"The Democratic Party does not have an exception in the statute, but the removal is self-evident. Any person who goes outside the standards and criteria of being a member of this party automatically loses his membership when links to crime are verified, and the truth is that both of them, Basha with the file closed by Edi Rama, this other one with deep serious problems, which he has not declared, but are held hostage and misused in an extreme manner by Edi Rama."

"Therefore, I again invite all Democrats, our supporters, to support the primary candidates. It is a historic moment for our political force, our supporters, to stand up as missionaries to sign with our hands the change, the restoration of pluralism."

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