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McGonigal pranoi akuzat për Shqipërinë, Berisha: Një kryeministër dhe një anëtar i FBI të lidhur me krimin

McGonigal pranoi akuzat për Shqipërinë, Berisha: Një

Kreu i PD-së, Sali Berisha ka deklaruar se dosja e ish-zyrtarit të FBI-së, Charles McGonigal, është “dosja më unike në historinë e botës”.

Në një intervistë për “A Show”, Berisha deklaroi se “nuk mund të gjesh në arkivën e krimit botëror dy njerëz kaq të rëndësishëm, njëri në FBI, njëri kryeministër të lidhura në krim”.

Më tej, Berisha u shpreh se, sipas tij, angazhimi i McGonigal kundër opozitës është bërë kundrejt një çmimin, “ku ai 220 mijëshi mund të jetë vetëm kafeja”.

Pjesë nga fjala e Berishës

For the head of FBI counterintelligence to come to Albania for Agron Neza, this is a little hard to believe. What is the true mission of Agron Neza will be known later. But, an agent moves with an agent's agenda, and I do not exclude that he will come this way. Whether or not Deripaska brought it, the FBI will find out.

There is a uniqueness, the file that I go to the USA is unique in the history of the world. You cannot find in the archives of world crime two such important people, one in the FBI, one the Prime Minister, connected to crime. This will remain in my estimation one of the most special files.

His commitment against the opposition was made against a price, where the 220 thousand can only be coffee. In this commitment, he violated the law of his country and his oath. The FBI, a powerful institution is ready to help any country based on legal procedures, not as private detectives. In this context, he has violated his own law with both feet. For him to deal with the plot against Tom Dosh is complete degradation, there is nothing more miserable. McGonigal was taken by Edi Rama to Tom Doshi. Such is the relationship between Edi Rama and McGonigall.

Even after McGonigal has been arrested, the intelligence report says the Democratic Party in 2017 was financed with Russian money. Is there anything more mysterious than over two years, McGonagall's name has been spelled thousands of times, and there is one person who has never spelled his name and that is Lulzim Brava. He never dared to pronounce that name. You don't dare.


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