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"They jumped down our throats", Sula: Basha's strongmen created tension in the Presidency meeting

"They jumped down our throats", Sula: Basha's strongmen created

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Dashnor Sula declared that the groups of the strongmen of the former chief democrat Lulzim Basha caused tension in the meeting of the Presidency of the Democratic Party.

Sula made the comments during an interview on Panorama TV, where he said that Basha's supporters accused the other party of taking the party to Berisha.

He said that Basha pretended to run away from the leadership of the DP, but according to him, he always stayed there.

" I see things in reality and everything ended last night. The groups of Basha's strongmen created tension when the PD meeting was taking place. They accused us of taking over the party and taking it to Sali Berisha. It was discussed to make a certification of the entire membership and then to vote.

I am not saying that Basha should be excluded from the race, but it would be very fair to vote honestly. This is not about Berisha and Flamur Noka, but about the ordinary members of the DP who would elect the new president. They jumped down our throats at this moment, telling us that you are taking the party to Berisha and Rithemelimi.

I take the opportunity to thank all those deputies who rose to the height of their responsibility and morals. I express regret for some MPs who turned into a crutch for some small and petty interests. On the other hand, it is not about the victory of the DP, but about the survival of Basha in the DP. In cooperation with the decisions of all other colleagues, we will gather and take a decision whether or not to distance ourselves from this political force.

Basha was the person who allegedly took a step back, but never ran away. I told him that you are doing the same thing you are accusing Berisha of" , said Sula.




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