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Isolated PD? Bumçi: Representatives of 'Re-establishment' have been invited by the EPP and the CDU

Isolated PD? Bumçi: Representatives of 'Re-establishment' have

The member of the Re-establishment Commission, Aldo Bumçi, rejected the claims for a PD isolated by the internationals.

In a link to the "Open" studio in News 24, Bumçi said that representatives of 'Re-establishment' were invited to the EPP congress in Rotterdam and in June to an activity of the German CDU. Bumçi said that it is about Belind Këlliçi and Albana Vokshi.

"There is no isolation from the EU. We have a statement from the European ambassador that we will work with anyone, Soreca said with whoever the DP elects. The German ambassador is also in the same line that this is an internal matter of the DP. "Thirdly, our representatives, Rithemelimi, are invited to the congress at the EPP in Rotterdam and on another day in June by the German CDU, I am talking about Belind Kellic, Albana Vokshi, etc." , said Bumçi.


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