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PD demands the removal and corruption investigation of Ulsi Manja: He bought land in Farka at a price below the market

PD demands the removal and corruption investigation of Ulsi Manja: He bought

The Democratic Party has demanded the immediate removal and investigation of the Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja.

The member of the National Council, Çlirim Gjata, in a statement from the blue headquarters, said that Manja bought 1,000 square meters of land in Farka at a price below the market. Gjata underlined that Manja avoided state taxes.

He called on the citizens to protest.


Justice Minister Ulsi Manja buys 1,000 meters of land in Farka at a price several times lower than the market.

The first question that goes to the minister is how he found this bargain, did he use his office as a minister or was he rewarded for any favors he did during his time as Minister of Justice?

Does the minister have a conflict of interest?

Who is Arben Maloku, former director of Erjon Velija in the municipality, convicted for construction without permission, and why does he sell land to the minister at a ridiculous price in one of the most expensive areas of Tirana?

Dear citizens,

I believe you know the answers to all these questions and they are related to the system of corruption, from the simplest patronageists to the ministers. Allowed and inspired by only one man called Edi Rama.

The violations of Ulsi Manja are several.

First, he bought land below the reference price.

Second, Manja bought the land with the same value that was revalued by the seller. So he avoided state taxes by paying zero lek.

Third, Manja is the head of an anti-corruption Task Force in the government. It was set up to fight corruption, but it does it on its own because it doesn't trust others.

Dear citizens:

This is Ulsi Manja whom SPAK saved once by declaring incompetence for the Dibra elections file.

With what justification will SPAK allow Ulsi Manjan to break the law and get out without getting wet again?

The Democratic Party demands the immediate removal of Ulsi Manja for corruption and demands his investigation.

Every day at the head of the Ministry of Justice is an injustice and an insult to Albanians, and a way for Manja to continue to get fat, corrupt and corrupt.

Against Manja, against Rama, against all the thieves of the Renaissance, come to the protest!

Today or never!


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