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The July 11 protest, Boçi: It furthers the union of the democrats, opens the door to victory

The July 11 protest, Boçi: It furthers the union of the democrats, opens

The Vice President of the Democratic Patria, Luciano Boçi, commented on the Presidency's decision on the national protest on July 11.

On Syri TV, the former deputy said that it is a battle offered for the unification of the democrats and it is claimed that this act of unification will explode and pave the way for the victory of the DP.

Boçi: With the final decision of the Court of Appeal, the barrier to communication between democrats, friends, comrades-in-arms who have waged endless battles against this narco-state has fallen, which is not simply a determination of the PD but a determination international.

The fall of these obstacles leads us to start this unification process, on the basis of a platform since the draft resolution is a political call, has its political definitions and terms, while the platform is the implementation of a process within the DP structures creating that real opening and concrete that does not remain in the word part but is a real process that invites every democrat to become part of his own house.

Mr. Berisha clearly defined that every arrival is a proud arrival, it is not an arrival or a return...

This will be an arrival acceptable to all of us. We respected the opinion otherwise. Everything is squared off and their arrival is like the arrival of equals among equals.

The protest takes this type of act of union further, because Mr. Berisha defined it as a union in battle, and this is where the battle is offered and it is claimed that this act of union will explode and open the way for the PD's victory. .

The protest has clearly defined its two demands, the release of the politically imprisoned opposition leader and the demand for free and fair elections.

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