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Publications of PPPs, DP: Why does the government continue with concessions and do not take responsibility for the violations?

Publications of PPPs, DP: Why does the government continue with concessions and

The Democratic Party denounces that more than 14 serious violations have been identified in concessions or PPPs connected during the period 2014-2022.

The spokeswoman for anti-corruption, Genta Vangjeli, declares from the blue office that these violations are related to deviations related to the approval of concessions, the lack of argumentation as to why the PPP alternative is chosen over procurement, etc.

It raises the question of why the administration and the government continue with the concessions and do not bear responsibility for the violations?

Full statement:

Referring to the official publications of the Concessions Handling Agency, during the period 2014-2022, (19) contracts were concluded in the field of transport, (49) in the field of energy and gas, (1) contract in the field of environment, (2) contracts for urban development, (4) contracts in the field of health, and (4) contracts for fiscal control.

Why all these concessions or PPPs when, from the audit of the approval/rejection process of the concession projects selected by the Supreme State Control, in the 2019 and 2023 audit reports, more than 14 serious violations were identified, from: deviations related
to the approval of concessions,
the lack of argumentation as to why the PPP alternative is chosen over procurement,
errors in the analysis,
the fact that the public sector carries significant risks with a direct effect;
The financing structure appears unstable;
errors are presented in the values ​​claimed to be invested,
or the most classic, concession projects, such as the Milot-Balldren road, which includes making an investment for an "A" type road, while the data on vehicle traffic and design standards require an investment in a "C2" type road ".

These are only a part of the violations that could have been improved over the years, given that we are dealing with an 8-year experience.
Since the experience has been accumulated, what has pushed the administration and the government to continue with a stream of concessions and not to reflect mistakes or violations made before?
The answer is clear: theft, corruption, theft, corruption. Qoka for the people of the party and the big patronageists in order to take from the state and give to the party; the greed that has enriched a handful of people in the government, who have villas in the mountains, the sea, Tirana and in some foreign countries.
Without forgetting here the local and foreign oligarchs, the government's favorites, as is the case with the concession contract for the construction of hydropower plants on the Shushica River, where the Concessionaire Shushica Hydropoër is part of the company in which Oleg Deripaska is also a partner, the oligarch for whom the friend of Edi Rama, McGonigal, has pleaded guilty.

We also have the case of Erjon Kër (Pilo's son), former SP candidate for Berat district, partner with 50% in the company "ARKONSTUDIO", which, in addition to devouring procurements for the reconstruction in Durrës, also benefits from concessions such as PPP contracts for design, construction and maintenance of the "Integrated Port" in Vlora, with an unsolicited proposal, approved by the Contracting Authority.

Or for the godfather of the SP, Vilma Nushi, in the concession "for the package of basic medical check-up services for the 40-65 age group"...
Or like the cases of the 3 contracts for the incinerators of Tirana, Fier and Elbasan...
Why all these PPP procedures while the Fund The International Monetary Fund (IMF) assesses:
"Badly designed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects for infrastructure investments can hinder the efficiency of public investments and cause large liabilities, which can damage the sustainability of debt……”

How will the supervision and implementation of all these contracts be managed?

Who bears responsibility in the event that the concessionaire sues the Contracting Authorities in court for non-implementation of contractual obligations that may have negative financial consequences and lost profit? Who will pay these alleged plaintiffs if they have final court decisions in their favor?

As in the case of Becket and some others, who else but the citizens!

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