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Salianji: This opposition cannot be rebuilt by excluding Sali Berisha

Salianji: This opposition cannot be rebuilt by excluding Sali Berisha

"This opposition cannot be rebuilt by excluding Sali Berisha!" declared deputy Ervin Salianji on the TPZ show, on Thursday evening, in a debate with a provocative topic, a typical choice of the analyst and show host Ylli Rakipi.

Salianji said: "On the other hand, there is one thing here, that you also caught it right with the political logic. There are some people here who have had a reflex. Sali Berisha had a certain number of votes. There were ... 800,000, 900,000 votes and there were people who administered his power, there was no need for people to collect votes for him, because he collected the votes himself.

Now, those who worked at that time with Berisha, still think that they will administer the Doctor's votes and do not bring anything additional! And, instead of begging the people (it's a part), instead of bringing these votes to the opposition and the Doctor, they think that they should behave arrogantly to the people when they have their backs! So they have it back!” emphasized the MP.

Earlier, Rakipi had addressed another question to Salianji, the efforts the opposition is making after losing the elections.

Salianji: I can tell you this that it is at least the fifth or sixth elections with all the partial elections that the opposition and the DP, yes the opposition as a whole has the same position. So, from election to election, we see that Edi Rama does not change, but neither does the rhetoric of the opposition. No one in Albania expects Rama to improve. Rama is getting worse from election to election. It is perfecting the machinery or the industry, call it whatever you want, the deformation of the will of the voters, and the opposition must respond to this with other means. I think it is insufficient today for the opposition to continue with the same rhetoric without making its own moves," he emphasized.

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