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Is war a part of human nature? Dom Gjergj Meta: Man can negotiate

Is war a part of human nature? Dom Gjergj Meta: Man can negotiate

The bishop of the diocese of Rrëshen, Monsignor Dom Gjergj Meta, has spoken about one of the most sensitive and current topics in the world, the war.

Dom Gjergj Meta in an interview on the show "Top Story" on Top Channel emphasizes that war is part of human nature and that in ancient times Greek thinkers said that everything starts from the collision.

"If we want to take it from a historical point of view, the ancient Greek polemos thinkers said that war is the father of all things, according to them everything is born, from the collision everything starts, science says, the origin of the world is from a Big Bang, a big collision. Conflict, war is part of human nature. Sin is what brings war into the world, human nature is disobedience to God. The desire to decide on the destinies of oneself and others. There are moments when a man must defend himself, the proportional use of weapons, to defend the country and your territory, that's why we hold the heroes who fought to defend the country in high regard. In this sense war begets disaster, you cannot go to a good thing through a bad thing. The popes have repeated 'never again war'. It is avoidable, one can negotiate, before going to an extreme situation, God has given us the reason ", Dom Gjergj Meta.

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