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Can Berisha run on March 6? Celibashi: Only with candidates nominating voters

Can Berisha run on March 6? Celibashi: Only with candidates nominating voters

President Ilir Meta decreed March 6 for the by-elections for the 6 municipalities without a mayor. The Central Election Commission decided two days ago to launch the election campaign on 19 February.

State Election Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi, in an interview with Deutsche Welle, said that Berisha's group could run in the March 6 elections, but only if the candidates nominate the voters themselves, based on the election law.

"The electoral law has space for groups, which can not be registered as separate political entities, to participate in the elections, in this case for mayors, with candidates who are nominated by the voters themselves. "According to the electoral law, the voters who propose the candidate for mayor must make up one percent of the number of voters in the electoral list of the respective municipality, for the candidate to enter the race" , said Celibashi.

In the first preparatory meeting, the State Election Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi, announced that the DP has made a change of legal representatives by depriving Ivi Kasos , legal representative of the Re-establishment Commission and supporter of Berisha.

Celibashi said that the CEC will communicate only with the official DP.

"With all the regret I have for this situation we must admit that we are in an institutional relationship between the CEC and the DP, where the one who is its legal representative demonstrated this to date in official acts has considered who will be its representatives in elections. For you, this was the last word on this issue and the further continuation of the CEC meeting. "Opinions and opinions of the Democratic Party are the ones that will be presented by Mr. Sefa and Logu", said Celibashi.

The Re-establishment Commission, in a Facebook post, accused the CEC of taking an unconstitutional decision, ordered by Prime Minister Rama.

"With this unconstitutional illegal act, Edi Rama further deepens his monistic and anti-political pluralism stance. "Accepting the representative of Peng Brava in the CEC, Edvin Kristaq Koleka, proves the paternal hatred towards true political pluralism" , wrote the Re-establishment Commission.

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