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One of the perpetrators of the murder arrested in Vlora, the criminal past of the victim (NAME)

A few minutes after the execution of 31-year-old Tauland Gjikaj (Beqiraj) in Vlora, the police escorted one of the suspected perpetrators of the event to the police station. Citizen Andi Jonuzaj was handcuffed.

Sources suggest that Jonuzaj was caught by "Eagle" forces in a "Ford" type vehicle while heading towards Soda Forest.

Gjikaj was killed by a person who got out of a car with black windows and fired a Kalashnikov at the young man. In addition to the perpetrator who shot at Gjikaj in the vehicle, there was another person driving the car.

The event took place around 14:20, in the "Bashkimi" neighborhood, near the Court of Appeals.

It is learned that a pistol was found in the victim's belt. Sources suggest that Gjikaj is the son of a former police officer and has been arrested twice by blue uniforms. He was the protagonist in a serious event that took place on February 27, 2018 in the city of Vlora, where 8 young people with pistols and Kalashnikovs clashed with weapons against each other. Three people were injured in the exchange of fire between the two gangs. Tauland Gjikaj who also used the surnames Beqiraj and Manaj was one of the persons involved in the armed conflict. He was arrested for the incident but was released by the court again.


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