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Residents of Bëxulla in protest: There is no reaction, Balluku did the project without an agreement

Residents of Bëxulla in protest: There is no reaction, Balluku did the

The residents of Bërxulla have come out again in protest to demand justice for their properties which are affected by the Thumanë-Kashar project. This is the umpteenth time that residents have protested and the government has not responded to solve the problem.

Their call remains the same: institutions giving answers to the problem of their properties. Recently, they also asked Dallandyshe Bici, the director of the Cadastre, to verify the properties.

One of the residents stated that the project made by the Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku was done without an agreement, as he says that the next protest may be in front of the Mortgage, in case the authorities will continue to remain silent.

"The project was made without an agreement, no one was asked. The decision on expropriation has not been issued. The project for these 2.2 km of roads has not yet been released. Where are the secondary roads? Where are the secondary roads? What should the residents of Berxulli do. ​​There is none no kind of reaction, nor any information to be given to us in an official or informal way. We had a meeting 5 days ago with the Mayor and the company, for negotiations. Their answer: we have not yet completed the project for the underpass and the secondary road. There are no works in Bëxulle. We will protest in front of the Mortgage that we have been asking for the certification of the properties for so long. I ask Mrs. Bicit to intervene in the Mortgage and verify the properties and apartments. They have found a thing that every 6 months the directors change Mortgages. No one is prosecuted, but they are held accountable to the people", said the resident.

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