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What are the drug trends in Albania, users since 13 years old

What are the drug trends in Albania, users since 13 years old

Gelatinous cannabis and hydrogen oxide balloons are some of the new drugs being used in Albania. Toxicologists say that these substances have even more dangerous effects leading to loss

Young people using drugs are on the rise. Toxicologists say that the age of 13 and older are more predisposed to be their users. LSD, cannabis gel or balloons are the ones most used by young people.

"The first substance that is usually consumed is cannabis, hashish. Recently, we are seeing more unknown forms. Cannabis gels, in the form of candies, containing an oily substance of cannabis that has a much higher concentration, up to 10 times more than cannabis cigarettes. The risk is greater because we don't stop with one candy, but we can go to 2-3," said toxicologist Sonila Bitri.

The doctor says that the damage caused by these narcotics is irreparable and in some cases with fatal results. The balloon drug is known as laughing gas and with the first consumption it causes euphoria, the senses change, there is disorientation and anxiety decreases.

"Balloon, which is the term used, contains hydrogen oxide, which is a group of preparations used for calmness. While it is consumed by young people with psychoactive purposes. To feel in another reality, the consumption time is too long. There are damage to vitamin B12, then there are deficits, neurological, cannabis gel, there are great damages as psychoactive, in the psychic sphere, and in the physical part," said Bitri.

As for drugs that were previously part of the market, such as heroin and cocaine, there is an increase in users. Doctors raise the alarm that many times these narcotics are the beginning of further addiction.

Tirana, and not only, has become the city that is absorbing the latest drug trends that are very dangerous for the health of young people. Such was the case of gelatinous cannabis recently discovered in the "Tempulli" operation, which has alerted the police to increase controls in the 12 districts of the country to find out if there is a tendency to sell it beyond Tirana./ Euronews

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