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The derby of the capital, Olsi Rama has the plight of the fans and accuses the FSHF

The derby of the capital, Olsi Rama has the plight of the fans and accuses the

Tomorrow is played one of the most important challenges of the Albanian championship, the derby of the capital Partizani-Tirana at 19:00 in "Air Albania". The Reds will seek victory at all costs after the draw in Korça, as they are ranked second with one point less than Teuta, as they have a few weeks left from the end of the championship.

During the press conference, the director of Partizan, Olsi Rama focused on the problem of the fans, accusing the FShF of not returning them to the stadiums.

"Partizan has a disadvantage, when it plays abroad there are opposing fans, such as in Laç, Shkodra and Korça, while we respect the protocol. In Lac we all saw what happened and it was embarrassing. The VIPs, the fans of Skënderbeu, were the supporters of the opposing team throughout the second half and these also affect the players, who have not had fans for a year.

The return of the fans? These are things that are decided by the Committee of Experts. We have all seen that in Albania everything is improving. If there is one team that is interested in the fans, it is Partizan. The return of the fans would be a big thing for Partizan. It is still too early for their return. FSHF should make a request, as it did for the match with England. I do not think that the match with England is more important than the matches of the Albanian championship, but the Federation took the trouble to make a request. "Partizani cannot make the request" , declared the director of "Demave".

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