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"You will be mine or nobody's", the murder of the Albanian woman by her husband warned?

"You will be mine or nobody's", the murder of the Albanian woman

The murder of Klodiana Vefa, in Italy by her husband, seems to be a premeditated crime, foreign media report.

Klodiana's marriage with her husband Alfred Vefa had ended about 6 years ago.

The 37-year-old had another boyfriend some time ago, while the latter had also met Alfred asking him to end the relationship with Klodiana.

But the husband did not accept the separation. According to the latest information, he had threatened Klaudiana several times, telling her "the days are numbered" and "you will be mine or nobody's".

According to Italian investigators who collected evidence and received other testimonies, they were able to learn that Klodiana Vefa was aware that Alfredi was carrying a weapon without a permit, but was not afraid.

The investigative group believes that there was no concrete cause for the murder of the 37-year-old woman, but it was the honorable situation that had been accumulated for a long time between the couple, which forced Alfred Vefa to execute the 37-year-old mother of two children with 3 bullets.

Friends of Klodiana Vefa have described her husband as a violent man.

"A few years ago, she finally managed to separate from her husband, he was not a good man. He was a violent man, we all knew. He subjected her to psychological violence. She was always smiling and happy, she changed completely when she was with him. He was a scary man, but she never denounced him."

The dead body of Klodiana Vefa was found by her children. While the author, Alfred Vefa escaped after the crime.

He continues to be wanted by the Italian police.

The serious incident happened on Thursday evening in the city of Castelfiorentino.

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