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"He wanted to kill me too", says Klodiana Vefa's friend: This is why she did not denounce the husband

"He wanted to kill me too", says Klodiana Vefa's friend: This is

The friend of Klodiana Vefa , the 36-year-old Albanian woman who was shot dead in the street by her husband Alfred Vefa on the evening of September 28, has narrated details of the deceased's life.

In an interview for the Italian newspaper 'La Nazione', the Albanian's friend confesses that Klodiana was afraid to denounce Alfred, because she was afraid of the fact that he could take revenge on the children.

Filled with feelings of guilt that she did not go to report him herself, the friend of the deceased says that Alfredi had threatened her on many occasions.

"After Klodiana's death, I locked myself in the house. Alfred was still on the streets, armed. He could come looking for me and kill me too. He hated and feared me because I stood up to him. I wasn't afraid. I have told her more than once: if she doesn't denounce you for the hell you are making her live, I will."

And why did Klodiana never denounce her ex-husband, if she felt in danger?

"For children. She was afraid that if she denounced him, he would harm the children, in revenge against her. But she was also convinced of another thing... She thought that even if she denounced it, it wouldn't change anything. He told me: 'In the end, what he will do, he will do anyway'.

The Albanian woman was stubborn, but with a big heart. She loved her children with all her heart. She wanted to be happy, she was trying with all her might. He had found someone with whom he felt good. A man who, like her, had spent years of hell enduring everything because they wanted to be together. I know him very well, and he, like me, until Alfred was found dead, was afraid to leave the house. Now we will have to face what happened: An unbearable pain and a hostage that will torture me forever".

If he could go back, what would he do?

"I would go to the carabinieri and report him, with or without Klodiana's approval. Both me and her partner were reluctant to act against her wishes. We persisted a lot. We tried to convince him in every way. But in the end she ended the conversation by saying: We are Albanians, you can't understand us. We respected it to the end."

Was the family aware?

"In my opinion they knew very little, or at least not the whole truth. Claudia was always smiling. He confided his worries or fears to his friends and never spoke ill of Alfred to others. To say that he was very hardworking. It may have been, but in the last year he had not given a penny to the family, although he lived under the same roof with his children. After killing him, I thought that he had planned everything and that he had taken the money and escaped to Albania".

 "What I can say is that Klodiana foresaw that she would kill him with a pistol bullet. He never told me openly, but once he let me know that he had a gun, adding a sentence that makes me shudder if I think about it again: My time is already limited…”

Klodiana Vefa was the mother of two children, a 14-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son.


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