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Names/ The government starts the replacement of ambassadors

Names/ The government starts the replacement of ambassadors

The government has started the process of replacing some ambassadors whose mandate has ended, or are about to retire.

The Albanian government initiates these changes of ambassadors which should have been done a long time ago, but the fact that Ilir Meta was the president was seen as an obstacle for new appointments. This process starts now that Bajram Begaj is the head of state.

Top Channel learns that the list with the proposals of the first group of new ambassadors is expected to arrive at the presidency this week.

Neither the government nor the presidency agreed to comment on the names of the new ambassadors, following a request from Top Channel.

But one of the deputies members of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy, aware of the proposals, told Top Channel journalist Muhamed Veliu that Ilir Gjoni, currently ambassador to Switzerland, is proposed to become ambassador to NATO after the retirement of current ambassador Visho Ajazi Lika.

Gjon's place is proposed to be taken by the analyst, Mustafa Nano, who previously was part of the diplomatic service.

The position of ambassador to the United Emirates left empty by Ermal Dredha, who ran and won as mayor of Vlora, is proposed to be replaced by Ridi Kurtezi, currently ambassador to Montenegro.

Albania's ambassador to the Netherlands, Adia Sakiqi, is expected to be appointed ambassador to another country in the EU.

The former vice-president of the assembly Vasilika Hysi has been selected to head the Permanent Mission of Albania at the Office of the United Nations

United in Geneva. While the Albanian diplomacy in the capital of Austria, Vienna, is expected to be led by the former socialist deputy Fate Velaj.

Ervin Bushati, former MP and former leader of the Tirana PS, is the favorite to replace Ambassador Floreta Faber in the USA.

It remains unclear whether his name is on the first list expected to reach the presidency.

The process of appointing new ambassadors starts with the proposals of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, which receive the approval of the prime minister, who sends them to the president.

After the approval by the president, all the proposed ambassadors hold hearings at the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs. After the approval by this commission, it is the turn of the decree by President Bajram Begaj.

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