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Investigations about Dako, VOA: One of the highest figures of the SP, declared "non-grata" for corruption

Investigations about Dako, VOA: One of the highest figures of the SP, declared

In Albania, the Special Prosecutor's Office announced today the closure of the investigations and the sending for trial of the case for which the former mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako and 10 other people, of which 7 are former employees of the Municipality, have been charged.

Mr. Dako was arrested in June of this year, under the charge of "Abuse of duty" in two cases: the procedure of granting the permission to build a multi-storey building and the completion of its documentation up to the registration of the property as well as the procurement procedure "Consultancy service" for the provision of the project "Implementation design for the Coastal Promenade and the public beach from Bërryli to Currila", with a fund of 21 million ALL.

In the case of the building, the Special Prosecutor's Office says that "during the approval and clarification/recording of the construction permit, approved by the decision of the Council of Territorial Regulation at the Municipality of Durrës on September 28, 2011, in favor of the Company "Fakle sh.pk" , actions were carried out in violation of the powers of the Mayor and the employees of the Directorate of Planning and Territory Control, which consist in the protocol/clarification of the construction permit on October 14, 2014, three years after the construction was completed and the residents lived in the palace in question".

Also, from the investigations it was found that "after the construction permit was cleared, all the documents compiled and administered by the construction entity and the officials of the Directorate of Planning and Territory Control were drawn up in a fictitious manner, drawing up the relevant documents for all the phases in which the construction was located, while it has been proven with evidence such as questioning of witnesses and relevant expertise, that the construction of the building was completed in 2012 and was habitable.

In this way - the Special Prosecutor's Office points out - the legalization of a multi-storey building, built without permission, while the construction itself was not done according to the project presented by the builder and approved by the Durrës Municipality".

Among the accused persons is the administrator of the construction company, Fiqiri Farruku, accused of committing the criminal offense of "Forgery of seals, stamps and forms", as well as two engineers, one surveyor and another who carried out the co-aluding of the building.

Regarding the tender for the design of the promenade in Durrës, the Special Prosecutor's Office notes that "by the members of the Commission for the assignment of technical specifications, set up by the Mayor of Durrës, the calculations of the limit fund, with a value of almost ten times more than what should be calculated on the basis of the Decision of the Council of Ministers", and that "the Mayor of Durrës has issued the procurement order exactly with the value calculated by the Commission, while after the contract has been concluded, starting and from its content, payment was made for 60% of the total value".

According to the Prosecutor's Office, "even after being informed by the High State Control, in the relevant Control Act of June 2015, regarding the mistake made by the Commission and the Contracting Authority Holder, leaving a recommendation to recover the economic damage of caused up to that stage, the Municipality of Durrës and the relevant administration continued with the payment of the second installment of 40% of the total value of the contract in December 2015, while the entire value paid in excess of ALL 18,318,400.2 is reflected in the financial statements of the Durrës Municipality, as an economic damage and obligation that the beneficiary company has to this Municipality from 2016 onwards".

Mr. Dako, who led the city of Durrës for three terms, has denied the accusations.

One of the figures who has served at the highest levels of the Socialist Party, being a member of its leadership, in 2019 he became the third person from Albania against whom the US Department of State decided to ban entry to the United States. for him and his family as it was considered that he was involved in major corruption./ VOA

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