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Malay: The government makes empty rhetoric, education needs investment

Malay: The government makes empty rhetoric, education needs investment

Invited to the news edition on SYRI TV to comment on the beginning of the universities was the pedagogue, Nora Malaj.

Malaj stated that the government should not be satisfied with political rhetoric but should provide concrete aid for education.

" I want to congratulate all the students and those who protested because this shows that we are in a democracy and the chance should be equal for all young Albanians and that in the current conditions we are almost 10 thousand students left to study in other countries and 19 thousand have been entrusted to Albanian universities.

Today in the university auditoriums I felt great satisfaction with the presence of young people to socialize and there they have the chance to get a profession to come out in life. What we did and from the analyzes we have done so far we notice that the social and economic conditions are in a moment of social depression. The main word of this depression is murder, drugs, crime and criminal groups, so it seems that we have a criminalized life and the importance of universities is placed on security issues and guaranteeing life.

Education is not perfected by making empty politics, but it must be supported with money and concrete help, and I call on the Minister of Education to request more investments in education."

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