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Manjani: Basha, hostage taker of the DP seal, now serves Rama

Manjani: Basha, hostage taker of the DP seal, now serves Rama

Lawyer Ylli Manjani has described Lulzim Basha as a hostage taker of the official stamp of the DP and who now serves only Edi Rama.

Speaking on SYRI TV, Manjani did not spare the jokes, when he said that "Basha is like Taulant Balla's onion carabush".

' This guy has been a big bully and I feel sorry for myself that we didn't support him. This is a karabush (wild onion). Where did this brat come back? He resigned, what did he resign from, did he resign from his resignation or what.

Because this legally, that these are held by the court's decision, based on the court's decision, this is the party leader. Where is he back, who is he lying to? This one has done all the games, this one has done all the dirt, all the shenanigans with the court decision, this is the author.

What does this man want? This gentleman, together with the group that supports him, should come out and form their own party, compete, they don't want those who support Berisha, because they are non grata, let them come out and form the party of America and compete, and this is completely normal and legitimate.

But now at Berisha's expense, with Berisha's votes, with Berisha's support, in Berisha's party, that PD did it, Berisha did not Luli, and he now says I came, I returned to my party.  

There is no going back, this is the hostage taker of the official seal of the DP. This one has not returned, it is there in the game, serving the government now. It's Taulant Balla's onion carabush, it's nothing else , Ylli Manjani emphasized


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