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McGonigal/ Shkullaku: Three elements that show that Rama is involved!

McGonigal/ Shkullaku: Three elements that show that Rama is involved!

Journalist Armand Shkullaku has commented on the developments on the Rama-McGonigal corruption affair in the USA.

Invited to Çim Peka Live, Shkullaku expressed his conviction that Prime Minister Edi Rama is involved in this corrupt affair, for several reasons, listing three of them.

Shkullaku: I can't wait for October 4th, I can wait to see if they will be confirmed or not, but I, as a journalist, have my conviction that Rama is involved in this affair for several reasons.

The 225 thousand dollars that was given to McGonigal through Agron Neza, was given to him together with information about the watering of Lulzim Basha, so that McGonigal opened a case against the leader of the opposition and this information was given by Edi Rama's office and he did not deny it.

The second element that makes me believe that Edi Rama is involved in a corrupt affair is the fact that he received a senior FBI official in his office without notifying the American Embassy secretly and without protocol and in the presence of both businessmen, where one with a diplomatic passport and an official e-mail of the Albanian government, Dorian Ducka, who has taken witnesses to Vienna for the case against DP watering, where McGonigal and a prosecutor from the Department of Justice were present and immediately after that the case started.

I am inclined to believe that even the meetings that Edi Rama had in New York were not reported because they were meetings where a dinner cost 10 thousand dollars.

All these elements that connect a prime minister of a NATO member country chairing a meeting of the Security Council and secretly meeting the head of counterintelligence with the highest official of the FBI in New York in the presence of two peripheral characters who they enter the office of the prime minister who shows the country to Russia, Gim Neza and Dor Ducka who do business with the prime minister telling him to stop this work here and there and to whom McGonigal who collects money from them and today is under investigation.

I can't get my head around the fact that Edi Rama is innocent, will this come out on October 4 or not, this has to do with Rama's fate and not with my conviction.

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