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Cultural monuments are headed for destruction in Gjirokastër, due to conflicts between the owners

Cultural monuments are headed for destruction in Gjirokastër, due to

The revitalization of the houses in Gjirokastër, even though it is an initiative of the government and the Ministry of Culture, is being hindered by the citizens who own the houses that are already part of the world heritage.

Through this decision dated January 26, 2022, the Ministry of Culture finances the maintenance and revitalization of these buildings by giving bonuses from 1 million to 6 million ALL.

But what happened in Gjirokastra? This city, which is part of UNESCO, since 2005, many buildings that hold the first and second category of protected objects are being demolished. The main problems are ownership conflicts, and therefore the lack of such documentation prevents the application and receipt of the bonus.

The Fiks Fare show brought depreciated and dilapidated apartments even though they are in the historic districts of the city.

Fallen roofs, sheet metal instead of wooden doors, and collapsed walls, this is the panorama of an alley in the "Pazari" neighborhood

Ardis Duka, the director of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage in Gjirokastra, told Fiksi that this is a big problem for Gjirokastra, as many buildings that have special values ​​are endangered. "For this we need a regulation by law, because the owners may never want to rebuild or maintain these buildings, but they are part of the world heritage and as such they are our responsibility and the state's to maintain" says Mr. .Duke.

He shows that ownership problems are the main point that cannot be applied for the fund provided by the Ministry of Culture.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary in the Gjirokastra Municipality, Nertil Nebiaj, says that this year Gjirokastra has had a boom in tourists, but the problems of the destruction of many monuments have a negative effect on this. "The municipality has done its best to find and collect the owners, their absence has led to the demolition of the houses in Pazar alley," says Mr. Nebiaj. And while the owners do not get together, the cultural monuments are being destroyed one by one. top channel


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