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Operation against clandestine traffic, Rrumbullaku gives details: 26 arrested, among them 4 policemen

Operation against clandestine traffic, Rrumbullaku gives details: 26 arrested,

The head of the State Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, in a statement to the media, revealed the data related to the extensive operation, which hit a structured criminal group, which provided assistance for illegal border crossing for immigrants mainly from third countries.

He said that the investigation started a year ago, and that 24 people have been arrested, and two others are being sought. There are also police officers among those arrested.

He said that SPAK and GJKKO have assigned prison terms, house arrest, suspension from duty and obligation to appear for some of them.
"Another investigation, for a period of one year, revealed the criminal activity of a structured group in the trafficking of adult persons and providing assistance for illegal crossing of the territory. 26 citizens were identified, with different roles, including police officers.

At the request of SPAK and GJKKO, the measures, prison arrest, house arrest, suspension from duty, are set for 24 people under investigation and two of them have been declared wanted. 13 vehicles, 1 couple, 5 weapons, doses of cocaine, and about 1 million euros in cash were seized," he said, among other things.

Scheme used by traffickers:

After a proactive investigation of 1 year, the activity of a criminal group was discovered which was involved in adult trafficking and providing assistance for illegal border crossing, smuggling of human beings.

During the year 2023, the increase in the number of citizens equipped with residence permits and work permits, caught trying to leave to other countries in the north of the country but also on the southern border with Greece, was found.

Citizens and subjects provided the conditions for citizens of different countries to arrive in our country in order to go to the country towards EU countries.

The activity of at least 5 entities operating in various business fields was discovered that provided fictitious employment contracts for citizens mainly from Bangladesh and continued with the visa application until their reception in Rinas, all this against the payment of 5000 euros. 6 different citizens involved in this activity were identified, including police officers.

Here's what was seized:

13 vehicles

50 phones

3 pistols

1 pair

50 cartridges

4 laptops

400 thousand euros

700 thousand US dollars

4 thousand pounds

Dose of cocaine


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