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Parshikimi i Kodit Penal, sa vite burg pangergon Vangjush Dako

Parshikimi i Kodit Penal, sa vite burg pangergon Vangjush Dako

The Prosecution and Posaçme have issued 10 arrest orders for the high-handedness and Durresits, Vangjush Dako and the high-prisoners.

Dako u svetidorëzua a few hours past SPAK had issued order-arrestet. Daco in the same time, the greedy people have consumed the criminal business of corruption, misuse of duties and falsification of documents.

The Penal Code provides for up to 7 years in prison for officials and public servants whose actions and policies have harmed the interests of the state or citizens.

“Acts or actions in the course of actions contrary to the law, which constitute the regular performance of duties by persons exercising public functions, which have brought them or other persons material benefits or have caused material damage to their interests, and Lawful of the State, of the State and of other legal persons, if it does not constitute another criminal offence, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years” , says the Penal Code.

Akuza for Vangjush Dakon is related to an additional council in Durrës and a project for shelters that has been budgeted according to the state's KLSH-S 180 million dollars.

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